Hi.  This is RebRattle.  Welcome.  Here’s the deal: it’s time – past time really – to rebuild the radical left.  We are a mess.  I can hear the critiques from all sides as these words are being written.  Anarchists, artists, academics… people think things are fine or have self-opted out of the Left despite tradition.  Well, I’m beginning this writing project because after a decade and a half of being an anarchist organizer and seeing first hand our capacity to be powerful and create change, it is a daily devastation to watch that have ebbed away, witnessing this currently broken and disempowered shell of a movement. We are what this world desperately needs right now as the climate crisis, right-wing fascism and empire continue to advance.

I hope to add more voices to this project but I want to get started.  We’re already behind.  So, I’m going to just begin; posting writings and ideas for how we build ourselves back up, re-organize, re-create, re-shape ourselves into a coherent force with solid strategies, goals and an ongoing attempt and momentum towards… well, basically… a new radical left.